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There are various rules and regulations governing churchyards and cemeteries, which restrict certain types and dimensions at particular cemeteries. We will be able to advise you on this, or you can speak to your vicar or cemetery attendant for their advice, as they have the final say.

Our service includes the completion of any Church or Cemetery applications if necessary and fees which have to be completed and paid for in advance on your behalf.

As a professional company, we are members of NAMM (The National Association Of Memorial Masons) They are an organization dedicated to furthering the memorial mason industry and safeguarding the interests of the bereaved through the promotion of high standards, wide choice and increased understanding in all matters relating to natural stone memorials.

We are also a member of BRAMM (British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons) they were set up in 2004 with the aim of establishing a network of nationally accredited businesses and registered fixers that will ultimately replace individual Registration Schemes.


  • To establish a recognised uniform standard of workmanship and business practice throughout the UK.
  • To promote BRAMM Accredited Businesses and Registered Fixers.
  • To ensure all Businesses, Fixers and Burial Authorities on the BRAMM Register follow the current health and safety guidelines to protect both the public and their employees.
  • To ensure that BRAMM¬†businesses give a guarantee of the stability of their memorial.
  • To ensure the Scheme will be effectively policed ensuring that acceptable standards of fixing are maintained.
  • To encourage on-going training and education within the memorial masonry industry.
  • To promote a closer working relationship between Memorial Masons and Burial Authorities.

Osborne Davies & Sons Monumental Masons

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